Monday, February 2, 2009

Lucy's First Official Haircut

Lucy has beautiful, silky blonde hair. However, I've been in denial about cutting it for a long time. She had a trim when she was about six months old, but that's sort of a touchy topic. (Adam cut her hair without asking me & she looked like Scout from the movie, "To Kill a Mockingbird.") Ever since Adam cut her hair without my permission, I have not taken so much as a hair from her head. Well, it was definitely too straggly. Here are some BEFORE pics. This first one was taken at the salon: I don't have any actual pictures of the "cutting" because she sat on my lap the entire time, crying as if it was the worst torture in the world. It was close to lunch time so I came prepared. I had chicken nuggets, french fries, and soda with me. Every once in a while she'd take a bite of a french fry, or a sip of soda- and then she'd resume her sad cry. We were probably an interesting sight: Lucy sitting on my lap, with her hair all over us, and me shoving fast food in her mouth in between sobs. I'm a great mother, huh?

A lady named Julie cut her hair and she was lovely. She was patient, kind, gentle, and fast. Here they are after the cut. Lucy graciously gave her a hug:

I am very pleased! Her hair looks much fuller and thicker now. It's a new Lu.

Fun in a Box

It's amazing how much entertainment a cardboard box can provide:So . . . why do we spend money on toys?!?