Sunday, March 30, 2008

Owenisms, Lucyisms, and Jackisms

Adam and his parents were watching a basketball game this weekend. When they asked Owen if he was for the "red" team or the "white" team, he answered very matter-of-factly,
"Well, I'm for the coach actually."

I am proud to announce to the world that my daughter does speak English and is no longer limited to "alien talk" as I like to call it. Adam taught her to say "circle." It sounds more like, "cir-ca" when she says it. Not the most exciting word, I know- but I'm thrilled!!! (Her vocabulary now includes: Mama, Dada, and cir-ca.)

Jack is so excited that a Walgreens is being built near our house. He is fascinated each time we drive by and see the progression that has been made. When he was younger, he always got confused and called it, "Green Walls." I wish I'd never corrected him.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I've never really been into the whole idea of the Easter Bunny. I simply could not muster up enough imagination as a child, to picture a bunny delivering Easter baskets full of goodies. So the Easter Bunny is pretty much non-existant in our house. Nonetheless, one of my dearest friends (Danna) called me up during the week. Her kids were wanting to visit the Easter Bunny at the mall. Both of our husbands were out of town, and so we depend on each other to keep our sanity while being single Moms. So I loaded up my kids and headed to the mall.

I was too lazy to take Owen and Lucy out of their strollers, so I beckoned the "Easter Bunny" to leave his garden wonderland. I think my kids look pretty darn cute with their bunny ears on, don't you?

On Saturday our ward primary held it annual Easter Egg Hunt. Adam had to give Owen a bit of a prep talk since last year he barely managed to get a few eggs. Owen's response was, "I- I- I'm going to be rocket fast!"

On Sunday Adam's parents had us over for an amazing meal. I totally regret not taking a picture because my mother-in-law always makes holidays so special. The table was completely decked out in bunny-galore. We feasted on a REAL Honey Baked Ham, Mormon potatoes, corn, rolls, green salad, fruit with dip, and LOTS of Easter Candy. We then had Family Home Evening to remind us about the true meaning of Easter. It was a beautiful Holiday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

The morning started out with me expressing to my children, over breakfast, how vitally important it is to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. I threatened them that other people might pinch them if they don't. (Thank goodness their pajamas happen to be green!)

I tried the best I could to explain our Irish heritage, but I think that went through one ear, and out the other. I searched all over for a shamrock cookie cutter and could NOT find one. No matter. They had more fun making airplanes, sailboats, hearts, and stars. Just as long as they were green. (J.F.Y.I, Lucy was wearing a green hoodie but it had to be removed during the kneading of the dough.)

My mother is an amazing cook and she always made the traditional Irish meal on St. Patricks day: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. My husband doesn't care for this meal too much. So I never go through the effort of making it. Yet I always end up missing it and feeling very un-festive. I'm determined that from now on I'll make it, even if I'm the only person in my family who eats it.
I am so fortunate that one of my dearest friends treats every holiday like it's Christmas. I was pouting at church on Sunday, the day before, feeling completely sorry for myself, and she instantly invited us over for dinner on St. Patrick's Day.
On the drive to their house, Lucy put on my sunglasses- upside down I might add. She is such a diva! She LOVES sunglasses and actually keeps them on. I really need to get her some shades.

The meal was absolutely amazing. I never expect anything less when I eat at the Romney household. Every bite completely hit the spot. I think I made a comment after each bite I took because it was soooooooo yummy! Here are the men and some of the kids, wearing their festive leprachaun ears.

Owen and his buddy Seth had the distinguished honor of eating at the kid's table.

Jessica even made Irish Soda Bread, which was sooooo fantastic. I had no idea it was so delicious. It was almost sweet with a muffin-like texture. I had to have a picture in remembrance of the bread. I think I might have eaten the entire bowl.

I wish I could just depend on Jessica for every minor holiday- wouldn't that be great?!? All the fun and memories without the work, how wonderful. I did bring two liters of green soda I might add.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Davy Jones

Jack and Owen have a Davy Jones pirate figurine that they love (thanks to Aunt Coco!). Last night, after I put them to bed, I noticed that it was laying at the foot of Owen's bottom, bunk bed. But I didn't pay any more attention to it.

Adam went in to check on the boys about 30 minutes later, and found Jack clutching and hugging it tightly- as if it were a teddy bear.

About two hours later, Adam went to check on the boys again. By this time, it had made its way back to Owen's bottom bunk, and was resting peacefully in his special blanket. They must have taken turns with Davy Jones. I'm sure they slept peacefully with visions of pirates in their heads.

Scripture Study

Jack has a huge love for the scripture stories. Every night- he and Owen fight over who gets to pick a story from the Book of Mormon, the New Testament, or the Old Testament.

Last night, I had the pleasure of putting them to bed. Adam almost always does it. However, he had a meeting and the responsibility fell to me.

Jack's method of picking a story, is flipping through the pages until an interesting picture catches his eye. So, the story he chose was from the New Testament.

I taught them about how Jesus Christ spent 40 days on the earth after he was resurrected. I then talked about how Peter was the President of the Church after Jesus returned to heaven. I further explained how he was kind-of like the "boss" of the church.

Jack then asked, "Does that mean He got to pick the song and prayer?" I had to restrain from laughing. So I calmly answered yes. Maybe that was among his many other responsibilties!?!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

An Almost Spring Day

On Friday, I could smell spring in the air. It must have been in the upper 40s, but it felt magnificent. I recently read a statistic, that was something to the effect of, "The Northern Hemisphere, including China, has never received so much snow since 1966." I'm sure our local weather contributed greatly to that statistic. I get so giddy each time I walk out my front door and actually SEE grass on my lawn instead of snow.

My kids love to blow bubbles. Then, they find it just as amusing to pour the remaining liquid in the bottle, onto the ground. I know that each bottle I buy is good for about a dozen bubbles- if I'm lucky.

Lucy LOVES the outdoors. Her favorite activites consist of rearranging the stacked up paint cans in our garage and chasing Jack on his bike.

Owen hasn't quite mastered the bike yet . . . okay, not at all really. But he insists on climbing onto it, then always immediately falls. We have never been more ready for spring in our lives. Our hibernation is nearing an end!