Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Storm

Well, so much for not getting as much snow as last year. No one thought it possible since last winter was soooo brutal. Nonetheless, I think we've topped last year with the amount of snow we received last week. The high has been ohhhh, 3 or 4 degrees not including wind chill. Oh, and it's supposed to snow all next week:All the snow shoveled off our driveway created perfect sledding hills. Jack was pretty bummed that school was canceled the last two days before the holidays. He was so looking forward to the Pajama Polar Express Party, and all the other festivities. Instead, he got to stay in the house for two days. Poor Jack. He was such a good sport. He LOVES playing in the snow. Adam was so good to take him outside sledding.
Owen is our little mole. He digs, digs, and digs- whether it's dirt, snow, rock, dried peas (@ Green Bluff), sand- he is content to digs for hours! I am so excited for him to visit the Oregon Coast this summer. He is going to be in digger's paradise with that endless amount of sand!
Here are the boys on top of one of a few hills in our front yard. I'm so glad they like the snow.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jack loses a tooth!

Earlier this month, Jack lost his first tooth! It was loose and out with a matter of two days. Hopefully the rest will come out just as easy. He was so proud of himself. One down, how many more to go?

Don't worry, I won't be blogging each lost tooth. The first one is somewhat monumental, right?

Gingerbread Time!

We invited some friends over for the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, and afterwards we decorated my home-made gingerbread men & ladies. But first, can I just say what a nice mother I am, to let my kids make such a mess on behalf of them having a great time:
Did someone say frosting?
Lucy was all over the table that night:
Those gingerbread were just as fun to eat as they were to decorate. Yum!

Jack's 6th Birthday Party (Friend Celebration)

Four days after Thanksgiving, Jack had another birthday party- but this one was for friends. We invited six boys and it was a houseful! Jack & Owen are really interested in space, so it was a space-themed party. Here's a glimpse into the chaos:
We played musical moons (just like musical chairs, but had cut-out moons instead of chairs), raced "meteors" (crazy balloons) to see whose could go farthest, and made snow-globes with space figurines inside of them. Here is his rocket-ship cake, we lit the candles for "blast-off!"

And here he is opening more presents, as if he didn't receive enough at his first party:Happy Birthday Jack! We LOVE you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

We hosted Thanksgiving this year. My older sister Robyn and her family, as well as my parents, drove all the way to isolated Spokane just to spend the Holidays with us. Thankyou! They each drove over 10 hours from California and Utah, respectively. Here is my darling sister Robyn, with my lovely Mom.Jack had a blast playing with his cousins, but he wasn't too thrilled about me taking a picture.
Here's my Dad playing games with the kids in the basement. Lucy didn't need any time to warm up:
And who can forget dinner at the kids' table?
Highlights of the holidays included: shopping with my Mom and Robyn the day after Thanksgiving- only fun if you have fun people with you; going to see the movie "Australia," adults only; the boat ride "Santa Cruise" on Lake Cour'd Alene; board games after the kids were in bed; having my family visit me! Thankyou and please come visit again soon!

Jack's 6th Birthday Party (Family Celebration)

Jack turned six on November 25, two days before Thanksgiving. It's a busy time to have a birthday. However, extended family always seems to be in town which makes it extra special.
Three of Adam's siblings were in town, visiting from Texas and Utah. We had pizza (one of Jack's favorite meals), funfetti cupcakes (one of my favorite treats), and way too many gifts. Here is the beautiful birthday boy. I can't believe he's six!
Jack received plenty of help from Owen when it was time for presents:
"Don't forget to open the card first!" Jack heard us say about a dozen times.
Here are the 'crazies' with their cousins, Zack & Hailey, and their much beloved Aunt Coco.
We love you Jack. We hope you realize how much you are loved and cherished. You bring us happiness that we never knew before you were born. You are a special spirit and we feel blessed to have you in our home.

Lucy's Bed Head

Lucy woke up the other morning, with THEE worst bed head I have ever seen. These pictures do not do it justice. It was like a rooster tail- but in front of her head, where her bangs would be if she had them:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Time

Before Thanksgiving arrived, I promised my kids we would make sugar cookies. It's a huge undertaking because it makes such a mess. However, it's soooo worth it because my kids have a blast. It's something fun that we all love to do together, including me! I just dread the clean-up afterwards. Owen rolls and rolls until the dough practically adheres to the table.
Here is a perfect example of Owen's passiveness. Lucy is grabbing his precious piece of dough that he so diligently worked on rolling out. Check out the grin on her face in the 2nd photo after she successfully stole his dough. Poor Owen.
Despite the mess, the sugar cookies were soooo yummy and so worth it. And eating a cookie put a smile right back on Owen's face.

lucy the fashionista

For some reason, Lucy loves putting my head bands around her chest. Apparently, she thinks she's quite the fashionista.

"The contraption"

The boys recenlty built what they like to call, a "contraption." In case you can't tell, it consists of my black sandal, some rope, a bell, and a cowboy hat. It's meant to be a trap. It works something like this: the animal hits the shoe, then hits the bell, which sends the alarm, and it then falls into the hat where it's trapped . . . . . hmmmm.

He asked THE question

Today my 3 year old asked, "How do persons make people?" Mind you, my eldest child has never asked that in his 6 years. So I was completely taken off guard in the kitchen when Owen asked me that. I turned around to see two pairs of blue eyes staring up at me, waiting for an answer.
Any advice?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chocolate Milk

Lucy's pronunciation of chocolate milk, which she asks for frequently, is 'chalk-uh-nuk.'
"I wa chalk-uh-nuk!

Quick Quote #1

We were driving in the car, when out of nowhere Owen says, "Mama, are you serious? Are we gonna die in a few minutes?

Owen's Trip to the Police Station

Owen's preschool recently visited our local police station. He, along with the other 3 years old, were fingerprinted and documented in case they're ever abducted. Then the police would already have their information . . . . . kind of a disturbing thought.
Anyway, it was weird seeing these innocent kids get fingerprinted. Owen had a special, quiet moment with one of the officers as he was wiping Owen's fingers to clean off the ink. He was such a nice man. Their little conversation together was precious, so I had to capture the moment:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Tale of Despereaux

I am currently reading my children their very first chapter book. We've been reading a few chapters a day. I'm having a little too much fun doing the different voices and actions. I'm simply thrilled that they enjoy listening to me!

Since I was a little girl, reading has been a past-time near and dear to my heart. As pathetic as it might sound, I often felt like characters in books were dear friends (i.e. Jane Eyre, Anne Shirley.) Throughout adolescence, I would have much rather stayed home on any weekend reading, than go to a dance or football game. Anyway, enough about me. My point is that I hope to inspire within my children a love of reading. I like to think that I'm planting a little seed of "love for literature" in them.

The book is "The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread." I read the book in one night and found it charming. I highly recommend it. It really helped reading it first on my own because now I can read the dialogue the way it should be read. Oh- and the movie is coming out next month. Perfect timing!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween '08 and I turn 28!

The title of this post rhymes! Halloween is a crazy day at my house. Not only are there the usual school parties, costumes to put together, dinner to prepare before the kids stuff themselves sick- but it's my birthday as well! I never really liked birthdays as I child because I was extremely shy and hated being the center of attention. But now I love it! I feel like EVERYONE is celebrating my birthday.
The day went something like this: Breakfast, take Owen to preschool, take Jack to buy a second sword for his costume since his first one broke, stop at Albertsons to buy juice boxes for Jack's school party, pick up Owen & a friend from preschool, take them home, feed them lunch, take Jack and pick-up his friend and take them to the bus stop just in time, go to lunch with my girl-friends to celebrate my birthday and drink lots of diet coke, go back home and wake up Owen and Lucy from their naps, drag them to Jack's Halloween Party, pick-up pizzas on the way home, clean my messy house like a crazy woman before my in-laws arrive, eat dinner, open my presents, take the kids trunk-or-treating, take the kids trick-or-treating, return home and put kids to bed, rent a movie at Blockbuster to watch with my hubby and in-laws, fight to stay awake because the movie is painfully slow and boring, finally go to sleep. (Saturday was just as busy- but I'll spare you the details.)
During the trunk-or-treating, Lucy looked dumb-founded with an expression on her face like, "I am surrounded by imbecils." She'd walk backwards any time she encountered a masked person . . . which was pretty often. So I finally just scooped her up and held her. But by the time we were trick-or-treating at homes instead of car trunks, it clicked and she totally had the hang of it. She completely embraced it and would say after each house, "Neh How!" (Translation: "Next House!) She'd point her finger to the next house as Adam, her vehicle for the night, carried her from door to door.

During the trunk-or-treating Owen would examine each piece of candy before dropping it into his pumpkin pail. He'd exclaim, "Cool! Look Mama, a tootsie roll!!!" It was as though this tootsie roll was something he had never tasted or seen before, a rare gem. He did this with each candy. Fortunately it wore off by the time we began trick-or-treating at homes. I was some what exhausted of sharing his enthusiasm for skittles and starbursts. (Had they been dropping Sea's Candies into his pail, I could have definitely kept up my enthusiasm.)

And now, I present to you:

A witch, a ghost (not a member of the KKK), and Zorro . . . . . . . . . .

Here is a darling picture of Jack, at his school Halloween party:

Family Pictures '08

After reading a friend's blog, I felt incredibly guilty for not having taken a family photo this year. Within a week, I found myself at a park with my family and a friend ready to snap photos. My children are at a difficult age for holding still, as you'll see evidenced in the following photos. These are some of my favorites . . . or I guess I should say these ones are decent:

We were bribing our children with fruit snacks in between takes, but that didn't help much. I would've loved a photo where Lucy isn't squirming, or where Owen isn't doing his "squinty" eyed smile that he does when we tell him to "smile!" Nonetheless, there's a part of me that is at peace with all of it, because this is how they are! It's hilarious the way Owen poses for the camera, and Lucy is incapable of holding still when we're at a park.

My point being, these photos captured the stage my family is in and I'll cherish them as they are.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have been to a pumpkin patch THREE different times in ONE week.
First, I went with Jack's kindergarten class. It was their first and only field trip of the year:
Four days later, on Friday, we went as a family to a different pumpkin patch. This patch offered much more than the previous one, as the following pictures will illustrate. Here are Owen & Lucy eating their pumpkin doughnuts: You can't see Lucy's dougnut because it's inside her mouth:The kids had a blast in the corn maze and could've stayed there for hours! I felt guilty when we had to drag them away from it: Three days later I went to a pumpking patch again, the same one I went to for Jack's field trip. But this time I went with Owen's preschool:I think it would be fitting to say I am pumpkin'd out! And we still haven't even carved them . . . .