Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have been to a pumpkin patch THREE different times in ONE week.
First, I went with Jack's kindergarten class. It was their first and only field trip of the year:
Four days later, on Friday, we went as a family to a different pumpkin patch. This patch offered much more than the previous one, as the following pictures will illustrate. Here are Owen & Lucy eating their pumpkin doughnuts: You can't see Lucy's dougnut because it's inside her mouth:The kids had a blast in the corn maze and could've stayed there for hours! I felt guilty when we had to drag them away from it: Three days later I went to a pumpking patch again, the same one I went to for Jack's field trip. But this time I went with Owen's preschool:I think it would be fitting to say I am pumpkin'd out! And we still haven't even carved them . . . .

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Wheels!!!

Today we all went on a walk together. When it comes to teaching Jack how to ride a bike, Adam is a much more patient parent than I am. So he worked with Jack while I pulled Owen & Lucy in the wagon. Before we even reached the park- Jack was riding on his own! We are all so thrilled for him, but not as much as HE is for himself.Jack was literally singing as he rode his bike. He is simply ecstatic. Within minutes of learning how to ride, he figured out how to start off on his own as well using the brakes to stop.I'm a little bummed that the cold weather has already set in. But I think it's going to take ice and a lot of snow to keep this boy off his wheels! As he stated himself, "I feel like I'm driving a motorcycle!" I felt like saying in return, "This is the closest you'll ever come to riding a motorcycle as long as you're my child!" But I simply smiled back at him and cheered him on. It was a happy day in the Nebeker house today!

Owen for Hire

Owen has a special gift. He has a knack for sitting at the table, for long periods of time, peeling things. That's right- peeling things! From caramels to crayons, he is the most focused and attentive peeler I have ever seen.
Whenever I need a massive amount of candies unwrapped (i.e. rolos, caramels, peppermints, etc.) I simple plop Owen in a chair and away he goes! Do not be fooled by this three year old's simple disposition.If we had lived during the Industrial Revolution, when child labor was legal- he would have been the most efficient peeler. I am sure of it.
So if you need something peeled, give Owen a call. He thoroughly enjoys it

Lucy's Two Year Check-up

Lucy had her two year check-up! Here's an update on our Lu:
* weight: 32.5 lbs. (95%)
* height: 35 in. (77%)
* head circ: 19 1/2 (95%)
She's a healthy girl! I have to boast and say that she hardly even cried when the assistant stabbed her fat thighs THREE times. I was so proud of her. She was extremely brave. People with older brothers must naturally have a higher pain tolerance. Also, the lady administering the shots told me that her healthy thighs lessen the sting.
We went shopping together afterwards and I bought her some Sunchips. She devoured the entire bag while I shopped. (It was a fun size bag, don't worry.) We still managed to make it a girl's day out, despite the shots.
Oh- and about that photo, I did NOT stage that picture. She climbed onto the table herself and just started chugging the Hershey syrup. I threw the bottle away afterwards so you can still feel safe drinking chocolate milk at my house. I don't allow her to consume chocolate in that fashion.