Thursday, September 25, 2008

September, the end of Summer, and other occurrences . . .

Jack started soccer and scored his first goal on Saturday. (Should I mention it was his third game?) It's teaching him great values like hard work, perseverance, and team work. He's a little too nice though- and always passes the ball, never keeping it to himself. He loves to tuck his shirt into his shorts, and then pull his shorts up past his hips. I really have to pick my battles, so I let that one by. Sorry fashion police. Owen, age 3 1/2, began his first co-op preschool this month where I rotate with 5 other moms, hosting it at our house. We ordered all the material on-line so all the work is done for us. Yea! I, being the nice person that I am, volunteered to host it first. It was a lot of work and I didn't even have a chance to even think to snap a photo. So, preschool photos of Owen to come . . .

But I must say, Owen is a perfectionist when it comes to coloring. He noticed one of his colleagues coloring a person's skin purple and he blurted out, "Hey! Skin isn't purple! It's peach!"

Here are the kids eating the last of our summer otter pops on the trampoline, followed by a photo of them licking pumpkin cookie dough . . . what can I say? I LOVE any excuse to make pumpkin cookies and fall was only about 20 days away.
My children love to make "dirt soup." Here are Lucy & Owen adding "spices" to the soup. And yes, that is a paint roller (minus the roller) Jack is using to stir the soup. I'm also missing numerous utensils from my kitchen. My favorite Williams-Sonoma zester literally vanished into thin air.
Here are Jack & Lucy with their friend Eden. Jack's latest imagination-game is to put car seats on my treadmill and pretend that they're, "driving to Brazil." I'll let you think about that one. Looks like Eden booked a comfy seat in the infant carrier! On a side note- I ran a half-marathon but do not have any pictures to share. I was very happy with my time and would like to thank Excedrin for giving me that extra push. Thank you Excedrin- for giving me the confidence and support I needed to finish the race!

The Hammer Incident

I was in the kitchen the other day, when Owen came running up the stairs, terrified, saying, "Lucy's trying to hit me with the hammer!"

He scurried into the pantry, shutting himself inside- still clutching his lego creation he was in the middle of making. Sure enough, Lucy came bounding into the kitchen flailing a full-size hammer that weighs just about as much as she does.
She heard Owen in the pantry and struggled to open the door with one hand, while swinging the hammer into the pantry with the other- laughing out loud the entire time.
My little angels.

Oh- and I do not recommend giving your children a home-made tool box with real tools inside. We've been learning from our mistake since Christmas morning of '07.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jack's First Day of Kindergarten!

If you want all the details on how crazy & chaotic the first day REALLY was, then check my previous post. (This post is dedicated to Jack- and is not about his mother feeling sorry for herself since she didn't have a proper farewell with him on his first day of school. Like I said, read the previous post for more details.)

The elementary school is full, so the kindergartners are bussed from the elementary school to a special kindergarten center. The elementary school has a nice room set up for the kindergartners while they wait for the bus. There are puzzles, magnetic letters, dry erase boards, etc.
Jack acted happy and excited all morning. I knew Jack was feeling calm, relaxed, and a little too comfortable, when he decided to draw a mustache on his face with a black dry erase marker. Thanks for taking the picture Jess! At the moment, I really did NOT want to capture the moment. In hindsight, I'm so happy you took the picture. I am just grateful that it wasn't a black sharpie.

I thought it was funny that Jack, and two of his buddies- were also wearing brown shirts and khaki shorts. And here is the heart-breaking picture. This is last time I saw my first-born, before he officially began the LONG academic road ahead of him. It's a long and arduous journey. I'm nervous for him, excited for him, and scared for him- all at the same time. I get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, when I think of all the schooling ahead of him. Regardless of my feelings, school is an experience that will strengthen him and build character. Good luck Jack! We love you and know that you'll succeed at anything you committ yourself to.

Meg's First Day of Kindergarten Chaos!

On Thursday, Sept 4 Jack began his first day of afternoon kindergarten. The bus was 25 minutes late, which then in turn made him about 20 minutes late for his first day of kindergarten. Welcome to kindergarten- you're twenty minutes late! Don't worry, it gets worse.

The elementary school is too crowded, so all the kindergartners are bused to a special kindergarten center. Once the bus picked up Jack (@ the elementary school), I hopped in my car and sped towards the kindergarten center. I was planning on greeting him when he stepped off the bus, and then walking him to his classroom. I had pictured in my mind the perfect farewell to my oldest child starting school.

That's when things turned upside down. I wasn't thinking clearly, since my two other children were at a sitter's house and I was already running really late. I HATE being late- especially when I am inconveniencing other people. So, I thought I was taking a shortcut, when in reality, I had forgotten about a road block a few blocks from the kindergarten center! In a nutshell, I wasn't there to greet Jack when he stepped off the bus. When I finally reached the kindergarten center, the bus was already back on the street headed towards its next destination . . . late, no doubt.

As I drove to my friend's house to pick up my other kids, the sadness sunk in. I wasn't there to walk him to his classroom and give him a hug. I later found out that as soon as the kids stepped off the bus, they were rushed into class since the buses were so late. Moms that were there hardly even had a chance to say good bye. This gave me a TINY bit of comfort, but I was still utterly devastated.

I couldn't help but cry when I reached the sitter's house to pick up my other kids. I hadn't even gotten a chance to really say goodbye. On top of that- things were so crazy for him! The buses were sooooo late, which then made him sooooo late for his first day. I was a wreck. So later that afternoon I treated myself to a large diet soda and three items off the Taco Bell menu. I felt much better afterwards.

Jack returned home from school as if he'd done it a million times. So obviously he didn't feel the same way. In fact, he feels he already knows the school system so well. When I apologized for not being there to walk him to his classroom, he said, "They wouldn't have even let you." As if to say, "you wish you could come into my classroom- as if!"