Friday, January 9, 2009

Owen turns FOUR!

On December 30th, 2008, our precious Owen turned four. Owen has brought so much joy and love into our home. All you have to do is look at those dimples and know that he is a special guy:It was 100% Owen's idea to have a "bug" cake:Although this cake isn't a work of art, A LOT of time went into it's preparation. Adam literally drove all over town looking for fake, plastic, bugs on terrible, icy roads. How hard can it be, right? Well, our #1 go-to store was closed due to excess snow on the roof- the 50% Off Card Shop. So he tried the Dollar Store which was also closed because it's excess snow had literally collapsed the entire front of the store. Adam tried Wal-Mart, Michaels, Target, Wal-greens. All he could find were flourescent green, stretchy spiders. Sorry Owen! We tried. You're worth every ounce of driving to look for fake, plastic, bugs! Lucy insisted on opening a few presents herself. Owen was an angel and said, "Here Lucy- do it like this!" He would then try to show her how to tear the paper while it was in her grasp. She wasn't too keen on his help. Thanks for being such a gem Owen.
Aunt Coco, Uncle Tyler, Grandma, and Grandpa came with lots of love, hugs, and gifts:We saved the best gift for last. We had it hidden behind the couch with a blanket draped over it. We played the hot/cold game until he discovered it. He exclaimed "Awesome!" about a dozen times tonight, after each present was opened. (Owen used to have a bike, but Adam ran over it one day. Owen loves telling Grandma each time she comes over, "My Dad ran over my bike." Now he can't say that anymore!)
Let them eat cake! Poor Owen, being a middle child doesn't allow much room for independence. As you can see, he had plenty of help with unwrapping gifts- and blowing out the candles:We love you Owen. Here is a brief synopsis of how you spent your third year: You spent much of it coloring. You would color and draw for hours and hours. Many times you'd get frustrated because you couldn't draw what you imagined. You'd often throw your pencil or crayon across the room and let out an angry yelp. At preschool you were the first to point out if your friends weren't staying in the lines. You love to dig! There's plenty of dirt in the front yard. You love to just sit and dig away! You and Jack also loved making dirt soup with "spices" as you called them. You're always willing to cuddle and for that reason we call you our cuddle bug. You're a terribly picky eater and before each meal you ask, "How many bites do I have to eat?" You are literally addicted to milk and sippy cups. However, this birthday saw you weaned of sippy cups! Hooray! You spend hours with your legos. Dad and I are always amazed at your long-term concentration, whether it's coloring, legos, or lincoln logs. You are amazing at entertaining yourself. You love Jack and miss him when he's at kindergarten. You'll often ask, "When's Jack going to be home?" You're incredible gentle to Lucy and you love babies. Whenever I baby-sit other children, you are so nurturing and helpful.
You're goodness at such a young age must be a sign of a remarkable human being. We can't wait to see all that you'll accomplish in your life time. You have endless gifts. We hope you use them as your Father in heaven would want you to. Happy Birthday Bogles

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas '08!

We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa Nebs. We even stayed the night! The kids adore their grandparents and were ecstatic to have a sleep-over at their most favorite place on earth.

Grandma always makes holidays & birthdays so special. It truly is a gift of hers. Christmas Eve we had a lovely program. Everyone dressed up like kings (and I'm ashamed I didn't take any pictures! What was I thinking?!? Obviously, I wasn't!) Grandma had fancy fabric for robes, and crowns for each person. We read from the scriptures and sang Christmas songs. Most importantly, we discussed what "gift" we could each give to Jesus. Owen didn't quite grasp the idea, since his answer was a sippy cup of milk. However, a sippy cup of milk is heaven in his mind.

Here are the kids on Christmas morning. Grandma had passed out matching pajamas on Christmas Eve, it's tradition:
The boys were thrilled to receive new lego sets. Adam is so great about actually playing with the kids. Here he is helping them set up their legos:
Lucy had a blast with her princess tea set, from Grandma. Every few minutes she would come running up to you shouting, "It's ready!" Translation: "The table is set and you're invited to a very special tea party."
If she wasn't having a tea party then she was
A) blowing drying her baby's hair. The blow dryer actually blows air:
B) Getting way too much love & attention . . . if that's possible:or C) Attacking or hitting her brothers. Here she is, caught in the act, about to whack Jack for no apparent reason. She's a girl, does she really need a reason to be angry? Apparently, a lot of toys and love is too much to handle.Fortunatly for us, the diva crashed unexpectedly at 10am, on a pillow in front of the television. Not only did she have a busy morning, but she was up twice during the night. Adam & I were sound asleep in the basement and didn't hear her upstairs. So poor Grandma & Aunt Coco each got a night-time shift with Lucy. I think her restless night partially explained her erratic behavior:The boys were so gracious and patient. They opened up each gift, one at a time, taking turns. They were so sweet and appreciative. I am so blessed to have such special spirits in my home:

Owen was thrilled to finally have his own light saber. Jack received one a month earlier for his birthday. Owen has been waiting in anticipation ever since:Here's Jack with "Transformers" the DVD. He's already watched it a half dozen times:

Despite the terrible snow storms and icy roads, we had a warm, cozy, beautiful Christmas Break. We ate at IHOP one morning, it's tradition. We saw a few movies, ate out way too much, snacked on Hickory Farms late at night, went sledding, gorged on Sea's Candies, read lots of books, and nobody got sick the entire break! I felt so richly blessed to be healthy and with the ones I love.

Gingerbread House

My kids love to decorate anything edible. Here they are at Grandma's house, eating the candy that's meant for the house while they wait for the icing to dry:Grandma Nebeker has a knack for making things look beautiful. You could call it perfectionism, although that word sounds too conceited and she is the nicest woman I have ever met. Anyway, fortunately her perfectionism passed to her son Adam as well. When it comes to cake decorating, tree decorating, or any sort of project that requires detail- I am NOT to the one to do it. I let my artistic husband or mother-in-law do it!
He even took a break from football to help with the gingerbread house. My kids know me too well. The instant I attempted to ice the house Jack started yelling, "Daddy!!!!!!!" He immediately came to the rescue:As if this wasn't enough, Grandma kindly make sugar cookies for the kids to decorate as well. Owen preferred to lick his like a dog: Lucy was in cookie and candy dreamland . . . . as illustrated by her zoned-out stare:
Jack took his decorating quite seriously. He definitely gets it from Adam. Notice his pink tongue sticking out as he concentrates?

Sledding over Christmas Break

The last 2 school days before Christmas Break were canceled AND the 3 school days after Christmas Break were canceled. Needless to say, my children have had a long break. I finally pulled out their work books earlier this week. I started to fear that they would regress academically from not being in school for so long!
We had a lovely break and enjoyed plenty of snow. We spent a lot of time with Grandma & Grandpa Nebeker. Aunt Coco and Uncle Tyler were visiting from Utah so the kids had even more than the usual amount of attention.The kids had a blast sledding. Jack has always been a dare devil. However, we were all shocked to see Owen become one over the break! BOTH of the boys were sledding maniacs. Owen held on for dear life, squinted his eyes shut, and took off. This was how he slid down every time:

Thankyou Grandpa and Grandma, for letting us carve your front yard into a sledding hill!