Saturday, August 30, 2008


A few weeks ago I took my kids to a local U-pick farm. That's one thing I totally missed out on when I was growing up in Arizona- there are NO U-pick farms in the desert . . . only botanical cactus gardens and red rock canyons.My kids were enthralled with the idea of picking berries. However, when it came down to it- they just wanted to pick a few and go home. Right after I snapped this photo, Lucy dumped all my hard earned raspberries onto the muddy ground! About 3/4ths of the raspberries were destroyed as I hand-shoveled them back into the bucket. Good thing I was planning on using them for jam. (Now I know why a dozen raspberries cost $4 at the grocery store, "fragile" is an understatement.)

My friend Jessica R. laughed when I told her how many raspberries I picked. So we went together early the next morning and did some serious picking of both raspberries AND basil. Now I have frozen jam and home-made pesto sitting in my freezer, waiting to be eaten in the brutal winter months that lay ahead. Aren't you jealous?

Another great season . . .

The Shock finished up their third season on August 25th, with the Arena Cup Championship. Although we lost the Arena Cup, we had an amazing season. We only lost one game all year . . . well, two if you count the championship game. Despite the sad loss, we won our Division Championship. I love this picture I took on the field after the Division Championship game:Back to the Arena Cup . . . it was a sad end to a great season. Hopefully, it only made the fans hungrier. I know I am! Adam had the greatest attitude. If a team can beat us in our own, sold-out stadium with all that crazy noise and pressure- then all the power to them! It was a close, exciting, tense game and Tennessee Valley won by a two-point coversion.
One of the benefits of hosting the Arena Cup, was that we were able to attend a banquet at the landmark Davenport Hotel. It was built in 1914. It's beautiful and has tons of framed, old pictures hanging in the hotel- from the early 1900's. I felt like I was temporarily transported back in time. Anyway, here we are with the other original owners of the team:
The Nelsons and the Enloes are both great friends of ours. We have a blast together attending the games. We've grown close to both families. I feel so blessed to live near such dear, life-long friends.It was a risky decision when Adam gave up his law career to pursue a career involved with sports. But I have no regrets. Heavenly Father has blessed us tremendously. We LOVE our ward, our neighborhood, our community, my in-laws who live ten minutes away, our friends, our home. We are healthy, together, and have the most supportive friends & family. What more could a person ask for? We are blessed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Introducing Weeze

You're probably thinking we just bought a new dog . . . WRONG. A few weeks ago, the kids were playing in the front yard and the front door was wide open. I was on my computer when I heard the tinkling of a dog's collar going down my stairs. I ran downstairs to discover Weeze, curiously sniffing around our basement.

I assume this dog lives on our street since he has made numerous appearances in our yard . . . and in our home.

He has very good manners and is very gentle with the kids. Lucy is obsessed with dogs. She has a blast with him. So I sort of feel like we have the best of both worlds. I don't have to feed or clean-up anything. Yet Weeze will stop by every once in a while to play with the kids.

Owen's Mustache

The other day Owen woke up from his nap with the remnants of a bloody nose. Here is the evidence:I laughed sooooo hard as he came meandering into my room. It really did look like a wanna-be mustache. He was pretty grouchy when I snapped the photo, as you can see the slight furrow of his brow. Oh my heavens, I'm still laughing just looking at the photo.

Lucy Turns TWO!

On August 10th Lucy turned 2 years old. I can hardly believe it! She is growing way too fast. We celebrated on the 7th because it was my father-in-law's birthday that day. So we had a joint celebration . . . although, Lucy sort of stole the spotlight. Sorry Grandpa! Thanks for being such a good sport.

We had spagetti & meatballs, one of Lucy's favorite meals. Then we headed straight for the gifts!
Adam & Grandpa were still putting together the main gift, but heaven forbid we keep the birthday girl waiting. So she just made herself right at home while they continued putting it together. I've been wanting to get her a set of wheels for a while now.
I took Lucy to Toys R'Us a few days earlier, to see what would spark her interest. I love to have an excuse to spoil my kids. But I absolutely refuse to buy toys just for the sake of buying toys. Hence, birthdays are a great excuse. As I turned to go down the baby aisle, she started to bounce and hyperventilate . . . mission accomplished.

SO- even though she already owns about 3 babies and a stroller, she received two more AND a new stroller with an infant carrier (thanks Grandma)! One of the babies is a Dora baby, and the other baby talks and moves whenever it senses any motion. And yes, it is driving us nuts! It freaks me out when I have to run into the basement late at night, and it starts crying, "Mama- Mama!"
She covered her eyes with her hands when we presented her with the Dora cupcakes, the "fire" on the two candles freaked her out. No worries Lu, what are big brothers for?

We love our Lucy Kate. She thinks she runs the show around here . . . and she sort of does. We love you Lu-lu. We can't imagine our family without you. You bring us so much laughter and happiness. Happy Birthday! (Thanks to Grandma who momentarily turned into a circus performer to get Owen & Lucy to look up for this photograph. Look how cute it turned out!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shahan Reunion

The last week and a half in July was a crazy, fun-filled, lots of driving, family-filled week. We spent the first part in Utah visiting my family. And the second half in Idaho with Adam's family.

First, I'll highlight the Shahan Reunion. Five of the six daughters were able to attend. We rarely get together- especially with all our kids! So it was heaven to just visit and let the kids play in my parents enormous backyard. The grandkids got along so well! It was surreal to see all of our children playing together. When we were kids, we used to always imagine what the future would be like. We would play MASH in the car while we were traveling, make up stories for each other about how we'd meet our husbands. And now it's here! Life goes by way too fast.

One evening, we went to my sister's in-laws' home in Alpine. They set up a 120 foot slip'n side down a HUGE hill in their backyard. Jack was in heaven! Here he is speeding down.
The main highlight, was a day-trip my family took to Thatcher, Idaho. Thatcher is an itty, bitty farming town 45 minutes north of Logan. My family lived there for 14 years. However, I, being the youngest, was only 5 when we moved. So I had the city upbringing in Mesa. For my older sisters though, this was where their childhood happened!

The farm where we lived is meaningful for more reasons though. My ancestors purchased the land behind the farm in the mid 1800's. When my maternal grandmother passed away, she left about 83 acres to my sisters and our 4 cousins.

We all thought it would be fun to go visit the land we lived on for so long- and the land my sisters and I partially own. We imagine building a cabin on it someday, but I think it's mostly wishful thinking. It's in the middle of nowhere! But it's beautiful, and it means something to us.

There's a beautiful, fresh water creek that runs through it- and a gorgeous waterfall with a rock bridge above it. The land is overgrown with brush and is hard to access. So we all had to load up into the big, strong vehicles. The older grandkids got to ride in Grandpa's pick-up truck.
It really was amazing to explore the gorgeous land and to think that my own ancestors played on it over 100 years ago. We all took off our shoes (or at least the brave ones did, the water was frigid), and splashed around in the creek. My Dad said it was clean enough to drink. But I wasn't that brave. My sister and I dared each other to drink some. I cheated though and just swished it in my mouth, then spit it out.
I had such a great time being with my family. When my sisters and I get together- we cannot seem to get enough of each other. Our husbands say we're just like a "clique." I think they sort of get left out. I guess that's to be expected if you marry into a family with six daughters. We're extremely close and try to take advantage of every possible moment together. If any of you are reading this, I love you and hope we get together again next summer!

I'll do a post soon on our Nebeker Reunion which was a blast, but I lost my camera so I'm waiting for pics from relatives. I'm sorry I have to keep you all in supense! (ha, ha, ha)