Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our trip to Utah

This past week we visited Utah. We had a great time. For an entire week, I was off the hook when it came to preparing meals, entertaining my kids, doing laundry, and cleaning. My wonderful Mom did it all for me. Here are some highlights from the trip:

My parents own a horse named Josie and the boys LOVE to "feed" her as well as ride her.

Here's Jack riding Josie with Grandpa Shahan.

In case you're wondering why there aren't any photos of me on Josie, there's two reasons. 1. Josie has A LOT of energy and isn't fully broken. 2. I had a terrifying, horse-back riding experience when I was 17 years old and living in Argentina. You'd think since my Father is an amazing jockey and calf-roper, that I'd have it in me. Nope, sorry to disappoint. But I think the horse blood runs stronger in my older sisters. Anyway, the scary Argentine experience could be it's own post so I'll spare the details.

On a new note, we visited the coolest dinosaur museum! Here we are the the IMAX theatre in the museum, looking like idiots with our 3D glasses on. (If only the theatre had sold popcorn and M&Ms!) Lucy checked out before it even began.

The boys favorite part of the museum was the hands-on area (surprise, surprise.) My Mom, Lucy, and I took off to Cafe Rio while Adam stayed at the museum for a long time. I hope the boys realize how good they have it, when their Dad chooses their interests over Cafe Rio. Here they are playing in the sand and digging for dinosaur bones. Owen had a meltdown when it was time to leave. Sorry Owen, but people do need to eat as well as play.

We also visited Adam's siblings in Utah. Adam's older sister Marcole (a.k.a. Aunt Coco) is a dream aunt. Not only does she spoil them rotten with her love and undivided attention, but she also bought them each their own bubble gun. Here is Lucy . . . with someone else's bubble wand. Doesn't she look guilty, yet so incredibly cute too?

Some other fun things we did, were visit BYU Campus, Temple Square, the Bean Museum (just north of campus- it's free and has TONS of stuffed animals, from bison to lions. Thanks for the tip Jess!) We also visited some of our dearest friends from law school, the Willoughbys. And I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with them! I also went shopping with my Mom a few times, and Adam got to go golfing with my Dad. And ofcourse, we never visit Utah without eating at Tucanos- a Brazilian restaurant where Adam is in pure bliss. It was a great vacation! Sorry this wasn't the most exciting post, but I do have to archive the memories.


Ashley said...

Your in trouble!!! you came to Utah and I didnt get to see you... you naughty! I hope you had fun...the kids are darling! that little lucy!

Blogful said...

Lucy is getting so big! She's going to ask for the car keys any minute. Jealous of your UT fun!

Penny said...

Looks like you all had a great time. That fact that you didn't have to cook at all is a great trip all by itself!

AMY said...

I love visiting family. We loved Thanksgiving Point when we lived in American Fork. I love Moms who WANT to bath and put your kids to sleep (I get totally spoiled in every way). And... you lived in Argentina? I need to hear the story.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE LuLu's shirt.