Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lucy Turns TWO!

On August 10th Lucy turned 2 years old. I can hardly believe it! She is growing way too fast. We celebrated on the 7th because it was my father-in-law's birthday that day. So we had a joint celebration . . . although, Lucy sort of stole the spotlight. Sorry Grandpa! Thanks for being such a good sport.

We had spagetti & meatballs, one of Lucy's favorite meals. Then we headed straight for the gifts!
Adam & Grandpa were still putting together the main gift, but heaven forbid we keep the birthday girl waiting. So she just made herself right at home while they continued putting it together. I've been wanting to get her a set of wheels for a while now.
I took Lucy to Toys R'Us a few days earlier, to see what would spark her interest. I love to have an excuse to spoil my kids. But I absolutely refuse to buy toys just for the sake of buying toys. Hence, birthdays are a great excuse. As I turned to go down the baby aisle, she started to bounce and hyperventilate . . . mission accomplished.

SO- even though she already owns about 3 babies and a stroller, she received two more AND a new stroller with an infant carrier (thanks Grandma)! One of the babies is a Dora baby, and the other baby talks and moves whenever it senses any motion. And yes, it is driving us nuts! It freaks me out when I have to run into the basement late at night, and it starts crying, "Mama- Mama!"
She covered her eyes with her hands when we presented her with the Dora cupcakes, the "fire" on the two candles freaked her out. No worries Lu, what are big brothers for?

We love our Lucy Kate. She thinks she runs the show around here . . . and she sort of does. We love you Lu-lu. We can't imagine our family without you. You bring us so much laughter and happiness. Happy Birthday! (Thanks to Grandma who momentarily turned into a circus performer to get Owen & Lucy to look up for this photograph. Look how cute it turned out!)


Ilene said...

Ah, I can't wait for my girl to come and start bossing around her brothers. My dad says girls' abilities to boss is training for their own future home one day and of course the boys should learn how to listen to the girls because one day they will be listening to their own wife...

jessica said...

She totally rules that house!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Ashlee Simons said...

OH!! I know I can hardly believe I am not going to have a baby around the house, Ben turns two next month. Isn't that strange?? She looks so cute. What a fun birthday!