Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gingerbread House

My kids love to decorate anything edible. Here they are at Grandma's house, eating the candy that's meant for the house while they wait for the icing to dry:Grandma Nebeker has a knack for making things look beautiful. You could call it perfectionism, although that word sounds too conceited and she is the nicest woman I have ever met. Anyway, fortunately her perfectionism passed to her son Adam as well. When it comes to cake decorating, tree decorating, or any sort of project that requires detail- I am NOT to the one to do it. I let my artistic husband or mother-in-law do it!
He even took a break from football to help with the gingerbread house. My kids know me too well. The instant I attempted to ice the house Jack started yelling, "Daddy!!!!!!!" He immediately came to the rescue:As if this wasn't enough, Grandma kindly make sugar cookies for the kids to decorate as well. Owen preferred to lick his like a dog: Lucy was in cookie and candy dreamland . . . . as illustrated by her zoned-out stare:
Jack took his decorating quite seriously. He definitely gets it from Adam. Notice his pink tongue sticking out as he concentrates?

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