Friday, March 20, 2009

Owen's T.L.C.

I had a wisdom tooth removed over a week ago. From the day of the surgery, Owen has been concerned. He's offered to rub my feet, scratch my back, and so forth.

We were recently picking up sweet, little Eden for school. We were doing our routine car-pool pickups. As Eden walked to our car, Owen rolled down the window and yelled,
"Edeeeee- hurry up! My Mom had a tooth yanked out of her head and it hurts really, really bad!"

I was laughing so hard I think I did more nerve damage to my already damaged nerves. I was NOT expecting him to do that. He's been saying the 'funny things' in our house lately.


Ashlee Simons said...

Oh that is so funny Megan!!! I had that emergency tooth exstraction in Oct. Marin started to sob when Steven showed her the two teeth and asked if I would ever be okay. I love getting sympathy from a five year old!

AMY said...

I love that he wanted to rub your feet and scratch your back... hilarious.