Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jack's First Day of Kindergarten!

If you want all the details on how crazy & chaotic the first day REALLY was, then check my previous post. (This post is dedicated to Jack- and is not about his mother feeling sorry for herself since she didn't have a proper farewell with him on his first day of school. Like I said, read the previous post for more details.)

The elementary school is full, so the kindergartners are bussed from the elementary school to a special kindergarten center. The elementary school has a nice room set up for the kindergartners while they wait for the bus. There are puzzles, magnetic letters, dry erase boards, etc.
Jack acted happy and excited all morning. I knew Jack was feeling calm, relaxed, and a little too comfortable, when he decided to draw a mustache on his face with a black dry erase marker. Thanks for taking the picture Jess! At the moment, I really did NOT want to capture the moment. In hindsight, I'm so happy you took the picture. I am just grateful that it wasn't a black sharpie.

I thought it was funny that Jack, and two of his buddies- were also wearing brown shirts and khaki shorts. And here is the heart-breaking picture. This is last time I saw my first-born, before he officially began the LONG academic road ahead of him. It's a long and arduous journey. I'm nervous for him, excited for him, and scared for him- all at the same time. I get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, when I think of all the schooling ahead of him. Regardless of my feelings, school is an experience that will strengthen him and build character. Good luck Jack! We love you and know that you'll succeed at anything you committ yourself to.


jessica said...

I too am so glad I captured that moment. I knew it was not that funny for you in the moment, but I thought it was so hilarious. Especially you licking your finger and wiping it off of his face!

I love Jack!

AMY said...

Jack is seriously one of the cutest kids I know. I'm hard with mixed emotions to see them grow and experience life.

I heard about all the chaos that first day. Crazy!

Brittanny said...

Those pictures are priceless and I love the bus one the most! I bet I will ball next year. I hope your chaos days have calmed by now!

Amy said...

He looks so big and ready to go! He looks exactly ike his daddy too! It sounds like a pretty traumatic day - for you, that is! I hope they figure out the bussing system better, for your sake. :)

elisha and brett said...

Those are such cute pictures! Hey, I sent you an invite to my blog, but I'm not sure if I have your right e-mail address. If you didn't get it will you e-mail me your e-mail address to

Ilene said...

Oh, he looks so grown up!

Especially with that mustache.

Susan said...

This is 'catch-up' day on your blog! Can you tell? And the memories you share of Jack's first day go beyond precious. He was a student right 'out of the chute' as a cowboy would say. Jack inhales learning like all kids should want to do. Oh what fun we'll have with him as he goes through various subjects. Can't wait to talk to him after his first semester. And I will always be amazed at how early he could read. Go Jack!! Love, Grama Susan & Grandpa Buzz