Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meg's First Day of Kindergarten Chaos!

On Thursday, Sept 4 Jack began his first day of afternoon kindergarten. The bus was 25 minutes late, which then in turn made him about 20 minutes late for his first day of kindergarten. Welcome to kindergarten- you're twenty minutes late! Don't worry, it gets worse.

The elementary school is too crowded, so all the kindergartners are bused to a special kindergarten center. Once the bus picked up Jack (@ the elementary school), I hopped in my car and sped towards the kindergarten center. I was planning on greeting him when he stepped off the bus, and then walking him to his classroom. I had pictured in my mind the perfect farewell to my oldest child starting school.

That's when things turned upside down. I wasn't thinking clearly, since my two other children were at a sitter's house and I was already running really late. I HATE being late- especially when I am inconveniencing other people. So, I thought I was taking a shortcut, when in reality, I had forgotten about a road block a few blocks from the kindergarten center! In a nutshell, I wasn't there to greet Jack when he stepped off the bus. When I finally reached the kindergarten center, the bus was already back on the street headed towards its next destination . . . late, no doubt.

As I drove to my friend's house to pick up my other kids, the sadness sunk in. I wasn't there to walk him to his classroom and give him a hug. I later found out that as soon as the kids stepped off the bus, they were rushed into class since the buses were so late. Moms that were there hardly even had a chance to say good bye. This gave me a TINY bit of comfort, but I was still utterly devastated.

I couldn't help but cry when I reached the sitter's house to pick up my other kids. I hadn't even gotten a chance to really say goodbye. On top of that- things were so crazy for him! The buses were sooooo late, which then made him sooooo late for his first day. I was a wreck. So later that afternoon I treated myself to a large diet soda and three items off the Taco Bell menu. I felt much better afterwards.

Jack returned home from school as if he'd done it a million times. So obviously he didn't feel the same way. In fact, he feels he already knows the school system so well. When I apologized for not being there to walk him to his classroom, he said, "They wouldn't have even let you." As if to say, "you wish you could come into my classroom- as if!"


jessica said...

Having experienced this ridiculous day with you, you know I share in your frustration.

Just remember Meg, you were there when he got on the bus and all the bazillion other moments that prepared him for this milestone.

the landreths said... makes me sad that you were so sad about it, Meg! I do love your last post, though, and that picture of Jack getting on the bus is so cute. He's so handsome. I bet no other little kindergarten boy will have a more supportive mom than Jack.