Sunday, October 5, 2008

Owen for Hire

Owen has a special gift. He has a knack for sitting at the table, for long periods of time, peeling things. That's right- peeling things! From caramels to crayons, he is the most focused and attentive peeler I have ever seen.
Whenever I need a massive amount of candies unwrapped (i.e. rolos, caramels, peppermints, etc.) I simple plop Owen in a chair and away he goes! Do not be fooled by this three year old's simple disposition.If we had lived during the Industrial Revolution, when child labor was legal- he would have been the most efficient peeler. I am sure of it.
So if you need something peeled, give Owen a call. He thoroughly enjoys it


Cherie said...

That totally reminds me of James clutching his fruit snacks or m&m's or whatever it may be, and no he doesn't do it anymore. It's sad that they don't stay that way forever.

jessica said...

This post is hilarious! I will totally hire Owen!

Ilene said...

Owen has a future in the army's Kitchen Patrol unit.

For Christmas you should get him a potato peeler. He could handle such responsibility.