Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lucy's Two Year Check-up

Lucy had her two year check-up! Here's an update on our Lu:
* weight: 32.5 lbs. (95%)
* height: 35 in. (77%)
* head circ: 19 1/2 (95%)
She's a healthy girl! I have to boast and say that she hardly even cried when the assistant stabbed her fat thighs THREE times. I was so proud of her. She was extremely brave. People with older brothers must naturally have a higher pain tolerance. Also, the lady administering the shots told me that her healthy thighs lessen the sting.
We went shopping together afterwards and I bought her some Sunchips. She devoured the entire bag while I shopped. (It was a fun size bag, don't worry.) We still managed to make it a girl's day out, despite the shots.
Oh- and about that photo, I did NOT stage that picture. She climbed onto the table herself and just started chugging the Hershey syrup. I threw the bottle away afterwards so you can still feel safe drinking chocolate milk at my house. I don't allow her to consume chocolate in that fashion.


Blogful said...

Love the photo. What a cutie pie she is. All that blond hair! Watch out boys.

jessica said...

We are all about healthy thighs in my house which is why we also love choc milk and sun chips!

Lucy is my kind of girl!