Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Owen's Trip to the Police Station

Owen's preschool recently visited our local police station. He, along with the other 3 years old, were fingerprinted and documented in case they're ever abducted. Then the police would already have their information . . . . . kind of a disturbing thought.
Anyway, it was weird seeing these innocent kids get fingerprinted. Owen had a special, quiet moment with one of the officers as he was wiping Owen's fingers to clean off the ink. He was such a nice man. Their little conversation together was precious, so I had to capture the moment:


AMY said...

The Fire Station as well is so great with the little kids. Aren't you thankful they do preschool service? Kids really look up to them and listen when they talk.

jessica said...

It is a disturbing thought...I've done it few times now and it always makes me feel sad that we even have to do it...

I love pre-school field trips!