Sunday, April 5, 2009

St. Patrick's Day '09

For the second year in a row I could NOT find a shamrock cookie cutter. Nevertheless, my kids still had a great time using whatever cookie cutter they wanted to:
This year I tried to explain why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day . . . they were way more interested in decorating cookies:
We had Grandma & Grandpa Nebeker over for a St. Patrick's Day feast! (Shepherd's pie, Irish Soda Bread, peas, Grandma's yummy green jello, and green punch. I'm so upset I forgot to snap a picture of it!) After dinner we frosted the cookies:
Grandpa arrived with a CD player playing Irish music. The kids were thrilled! They couldn't wait to finish dinner so they could return to the living room and dance. We listened to it as we ate, it was so much fun! Thanks Grandpa- for bringing the Irish jig to our house.
In the morning, before Jack left for school, I got on Youtube and showed my kids what a bagpipe is, and what it sounds like. Sometimes I just love the internet. The kids thought it was pretty cool. Jack was so excited after school that day- because a REAL person had played the bagpipe for the kindergartners. He was thrilled.


Blogful said...

You always make holidays so fun. I need to do that more. you inspire me. (I notice the silpat also. Aren't those awesome!)

AMY said...

Seriously, you do always make holidays fun. I love the icing on Lucy's face! :) Too cute.

PS If you ever need a shamrock cookie cutter... call me, I have one. Albertson's seems to always have holiday cookie cutters... but I'm sure you tried there.