Sunday, March 2, 2008

An Almost Spring Day

On Friday, I could smell spring in the air. It must have been in the upper 40s, but it felt magnificent. I recently read a statistic, that was something to the effect of, "The Northern Hemisphere, including China, has never received so much snow since 1966." I'm sure our local weather contributed greatly to that statistic. I get so giddy each time I walk out my front door and actually SEE grass on my lawn instead of snow.

My kids love to blow bubbles. Then, they find it just as amusing to pour the remaining liquid in the bottle, onto the ground. I know that each bottle I buy is good for about a dozen bubbles- if I'm lucky.

Lucy LOVES the outdoors. Her favorite activites consist of rearranging the stacked up paint cans in our garage and chasing Jack on his bike.

Owen hasn't quite mastered the bike yet . . . okay, not at all really. But he insists on climbing onto it, then always immediately falls. We have never been more ready for spring in our lives. Our hibernation is nearing an end!


Ilene said...

Jack looks exactly like Adam in that last picture and Owen totally has a Meghann expression on his face. Cute kids!

I am LOVING the sunshine. I don't care if it feels warm it looks warm and that is half the battle.

The Larsons said...

I can totally sympathize! I think boys especially are just born to be outside! They are such darling kiddos! Hopefully the weather just keeps getting better for ya!

Oh, and your sister looks like so much fun!

day in the life of a prince said...

I feel exactly the same way! Just being able to let the kids go out and play the last few days has been so nice!! I'm so ready for warmer weather!!

Blogful said...

Such cute kids. Can't believe how big they are getting. Jack looks like he's about to borrow the car keys. Enjoy the weather!

Penny said...

Jack ALWAYS looks like Adam!! They are all so cute! I can't wait for warm weather either... I'm just glad that I can wear a light jacket now instead of a "big" jacket.

AMY said...

aidan has been begging for bubbles. i told him we have to wait until it's warm - and then i totally dropped the ball on it. hopefully we have lots of spring days coming soon!

i love lucy's smile.

the landreths said...

Meghann, i love reading your blog! Your kids are so cute. And your trip with Laurie looked like so much fun!
And i have to say that Lucy is ADORABLE! What a cute little thing!

KARA said...

Your kids are so darn cute- and that Lucy- you had better hold on tight because I might steal her someday!!
I too love the sun but it is so deceiving here because it looks warm outside but its 25 degrees right now- I need the full package deal- sun and warmth.

Amy D. said...

You've got a great blog and I love being able to spy on you from afar! You'll be jealous, but it's actually been close to 90 degrees this last week. Hot! I just hope we have a few more weeks of pleasant weather before it gets too hot to do anything outside. I have to tell you that I think Lucy looks so much like you. She's a cutie and is looking so old! Check out our blog if you get a second.