Sunday, March 9, 2008

Scripture Study

Jack has a huge love for the scripture stories. Every night- he and Owen fight over who gets to pick a story from the Book of Mormon, the New Testament, or the Old Testament.

Last night, I had the pleasure of putting them to bed. Adam almost always does it. However, he had a meeting and the responsibility fell to me.

Jack's method of picking a story, is flipping through the pages until an interesting picture catches his eye. So, the story he chose was from the New Testament.

I taught them about how Jesus Christ spent 40 days on the earth after he was resurrected. I then talked about how Peter was the President of the Church after Jesus returned to heaven. I further explained how he was kind-of like the "boss" of the church.

Jack then asked, "Does that mean He got to pick the song and prayer?" I had to restrain from laughing. So I calmly answered yes. Maybe that was among his many other responsibilties!?!


Jessica said...

I have some very corny jokes about the songs Peter would pick (Rock of Israel, etc.) but I will refraing from disturbing the reverence of your post.

Danna said...

That is so cute! I love the picture of Adam reading the scriptures to the kids. How sweet! I was fun having you over tonight, but it seemed rushed. I guess that just means that we will have to do it again really soon. :)

AMY said...

I really think kids get it. Right now we're teaching Aidan about Nephi - SOME of his comments testify to me the importance of scripture study.

PS - Do you know of any great picture books that goes along with the BOM?

The Hansen Clan said...

I love it! That is so cute and a story he will love to hear about when he is older. They really "get it" don't they... it is so amazing to me.

Ilene said...

If I were boss off the church I would totally forego the song part. I have been a little hymn weary lately.

Jackson LOVES his picture BOM. It's weird to threaten that I will take it away if he doesn't do such and such task.

Nana Shanna said...

Hi Meghann! Shanna Miller here. I wanted you to know how much I admire the way you're raising your children. You're a great example of a righteous mom raising her own stripling warriors!

Don't forget to check out my blog too. Or you can add me as a friend on your blog and go from there.

the landreths said...

I love that idea for scripture study--letting them pick from the picture books. What a cute picture of Adam and the boys!