Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

The morning started out with me expressing to my children, over breakfast, how vitally important it is to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. I threatened them that other people might pinch them if they don't. (Thank goodness their pajamas happen to be green!)

I tried the best I could to explain our Irish heritage, but I think that went through one ear, and out the other. I searched all over for a shamrock cookie cutter and could NOT find one. No matter. They had more fun making airplanes, sailboats, hearts, and stars. Just as long as they were green. (J.F.Y.I, Lucy was wearing a green hoodie but it had to be removed during the kneading of the dough.)

My mother is an amazing cook and she always made the traditional Irish meal on St. Patricks day: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. My husband doesn't care for this meal too much. So I never go through the effort of making it. Yet I always end up missing it and feeling very un-festive. I'm determined that from now on I'll make it, even if I'm the only person in my family who eats it.
I am so fortunate that one of my dearest friends treats every holiday like it's Christmas. I was pouting at church on Sunday, the day before, feeling completely sorry for myself, and she instantly invited us over for dinner on St. Patrick's Day.
On the drive to their house, Lucy put on my sunglasses- upside down I might add. She is such a diva! She LOVES sunglasses and actually keeps them on. I really need to get her some shades.

The meal was absolutely amazing. I never expect anything less when I eat at the Romney household. Every bite completely hit the spot. I think I made a comment after each bite I took because it was soooooooo yummy! Here are the men and some of the kids, wearing their festive leprachaun ears.

Owen and his buddy Seth had the distinguished honor of eating at the kid's table.

Jessica even made Irish Soda Bread, which was sooooo fantastic. I had no idea it was so delicious. It was almost sweet with a muffin-like texture. I had to have a picture in remembrance of the bread. I think I might have eaten the entire bowl.

I wish I could just depend on Jessica for every minor holiday- wouldn't that be great?!? All the fun and memories without the work, how wonderful. I did bring two liters of green soda I might add.


Ilene said...

Yeah, Jessica should just start charging admission for her holiday parties and tips. I would pay good money to hand over the stress, shopping, and creativity to her.

aric & jess said...

We were fortunate to be the guests at the Romney's St Patrick's Day dinner last year, so I know what you are talkin about. That bread is so yummy!

Adam doesn't look as excited about the bread as you do...but Adam really doesn't get that excited about food period...right? :)

jolyn said...

These pictures are so cute!! It's fun to keep up on people's lives. Thank you, Aunt Jolyn

Jessica said...

Cute post. Your pictures were totally better than mine. Be honest, did Adam go home and eat a pizza afterward?

Ryan & Angela Spear said...

Super cute. I think sometimes that you and I are more alike that I realize. I get as crazy about St. Patrick's day and everyone just has to let it happen. I don't like corned beef, but I still make it once a year.

Amy D. said...

Looks like a really fun St. Patty's day! Next year I want to start a tradition and do a green breakfast or something. We did wear green, but that's about it for this year.

Danna said...

Nice job on the green soda. It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without green soda! Looks like so much fun! That Jessica is such an over achiever. :) Since you have now vowed in writing that you will start making the traditional Irish meal once a year, I will just come to your house next year so that I won't have to go to any work. :)