Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

We are headed to Seattle for the weekend. So I decided to go ahead and wish my Dad a Happy Father's Day! This picture represents so many wonderful memories. First of all, my Dad literally built our family's ski boat in our backyard, when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It's still running great to this day.

Every summer, my family would rent a house on the Colorado River, which is literally the border between California and Arizona. (Here we are, on the river!) We would bring our boat and ski till we dropped dead. So thankyou Dad, for investing in great family vacations. I was spoiled rotten and I realize it now. The beach house in San Diego, the condo at Brianhead, taking us to snow ski resorts since we lived in the desert, the endless waterskiing trips. Whenever I listen to the Beach Boys or Buddy Holly, I am instantly taken back to one of those places. My Dad is the most well-rounded guy I know. Here's a bit about my Dad:

1. He's a real cowboy. Not the kind that wears boots and big hats everywhere. He's actually a very nice dresser. You would never guess that he was on the rodeo team at BYU and then continued to calf-rope when I was a baby, to help support our family financially.

2. He has an opinion on everything. I believe that's a good thing. With him, it is either black or white. There is no in-between, wishy washy nonsense. I LOVE this about my Dad. I feel like I can ask him anything, on any subject, and I'll receive a great, to-the-point answer. He is not apathetic about anything.

3. He's the smartest guy I know. He is always reading. His mother was a reader, he's a reader, and I like to consider myself a reader as well. But he's not into novels or fiction. He's into history, biographies, documentaries. He is brilliant and his mind simply cannot get enough information.

4. In case you didn't infer earlier about building our family's boat, he can fix or build anything. He worked as a mechanic when he and my Mom were newlyweds attending BYU.

5. He's the hardest worker I know. I have never seen my Dad sleep in. He was a farmer the majority of his life. So he had to work some crazy hours. Thank you Dad, for those many sleepless nights.

6. I was known in my family for always asking "stupid" questions. But my Dad NEVER told me a question was stupid. Sometimes I would ask him the same question twice, just because it was oddly comforting to hear the answer a few times. My Dad was so great and never let on that he was even slightly annoyed.

7. My Dad taught me to appreciate good food. I can honestly say there is not one food I dislike. Maybe it's because I'm a farmer's daughter- but I love everything! (spinach, broccoli, onions, asparagus, green beans, you name it, I'll eat it.) I owe my good eating habits to my Dad. He took the time to explain what it means to appreciate different types and different flavors. I'm trying to instill the same mentality into my own children, but it isn't going so well.
I love you Dad! Thankyou for all the hard work you did to support six daughters. And thankyou for always kissing us on the cheek the instant you walked in the door- to see if we'd been "nice" or "naughty" that day. I have the best memories and I owe them all to you.


aric & jess said...

Very sweet tribute. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful dad.

Jessica said...

He built a BOAT?!? Seriously?

And I love the old pictures!

Rebecca said...

Megga, that is too sweet. Can I just copy and paste it on a card for Dad? You are also an amazing writer.

nicole said...

This is so nice! He sounds like such an amazing man. You definitely got somethin' from him!

Susan said...

Meggie: Thanks for the great tribute and for refreshing good memories. While our family accumulated many great memories and experiences over the years, Mom and I feel like we benefitted most. Love, Dad

Amy said...

A great tribute to your dad!! Sounds like you guys have tons of fun memories. Good times.