Friday, June 6, 2008

Reality Check . . . I've Been Tagged!!!

So, it's 10:30pm right now as I type this post. I just walked in the door from a girls' night. (Happy Birthday Shar & Danna!) My husband is absorbed in an ESPN Classics football game and my dear friend Jessica A. tagged me. Here it goes!!!

I would LOVE to have a fridge with a handy, built-in ice maker on the door. Heaven forbid I have to open up the freezer, rummage my hand around in the box, and grab some ice cubes, which then (conveniently) stick to my fingers as I transfer them to my cup. ANYWAY- that having been said, I actually love this fridge. It keeps things freeeeezing cold, just how I like it. And, it only cost $100 from the previous owners of our home. Can't beat the price. Vanilla Activia Yogurt is my recent fridge addiction. I'm anti-clutter, yet I make an exception for my kids' drawings and the chore chart. My kids love to see their sticker progress.

My (somewhat) folded clothes are straight ahead, and above. My husband's 30-odd T-shirts are to the right and above. He cannot seem to part with his T-shirts. He only wears about 3 of them. I think it used to be a hobby of his, to collect as many free T-shirts as possible. I'm not kidding. This picture makes me realize we desperately need a shoe rack. But would it do any good when my 22-month old daughter is obsessed with shoes?

You can probably infer from the pizza cutter, that my family had pizza for dinner. We LOVE Papa Murphy's. It's dangerous having one so close to our house. Being the nice mother & wife that I am, I ordered a pizza and even baked it so my husband would have less work while I was out.

My boys' toilet actually stays cleaner than ours . . . hmmmm, go figure.

I'm going to confess something about my feet . . . I'm kind of vain about them. I like my toes and I like that my feet are narrow with a high arch. I'm allowed to like something about my body, right? Well, I feel that these shoes complement those features.

This is the first room I see when I walk in the door. I love it because 1. it does NOT have a television. This room is strictly about family and conversation 2. it's our gathering place where we read books, play games, have family home evening. This is where we spend the most time together as a family. I recently bought the kids Connect Four . . . as you might have noticed.

This room actually has tons of meaning- the couches were our first major purchase after law school. It was such a big deal to have new furniture! The rug was a house-warming gift from my in-laws. The piano came about from my long, hard search on Craig's List for a great deal. The long, framed art is a painting of Williamsburg, VA where we lived for 3 years and have many wonderful memories. I really only try to decorate with things that have sentimental value. I'm not saying that I always do. But I really try to stick to decor that has REAL meaning to me and my family.

My sweet angels are sleeping. Adam and I love to tuck them in before we go to bed. Jack is always sprawled out on top of his covers. So, you can tell he was REALLY tired since he's still under them. Owen is ALWAYS completely under his covers, clutching his blankies that he MUST have. Under no circumstances will you find Owen on top of his covers. And then there's Lu-lu, who tends to be somewhere in between.

My laundry room is screaming for a make-over. We've had our old washer and dryer sitting in there for who knows how long? They do make for great shelf space though. When we finished our basement, we decided to save a buck and leave the laundry room as is. I'm kind of regretting it. Technically, it just needs to be textured. But it was so poorly taped!!! The floor is cement and the walls were HORRIBLY done. The top half of the wall sticks out farther than the bottom half. I think we're going to need to take an ax to this room one of these days.

Since my eyes are different shades of brown, my eyes always look so freaky in pictures.
Where do I start? I have so many places I dream of visiting. It's been my dream since I was a little girl to visit Ireland. San Diego is another place that I would love to visit. However, I've been there numerous times. It was our family's favorite vacation hotspot. We would rent a beach house for a week, boogie board to our heart's content, and eat Mexican food, sea food, shrimp cocktail, it was wonderful. I would love to share the San Diego experience with my kids someday. I LOVE to travel so there are few places I wouldn't like to see. I would love to visit Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii. The list is endless!
Anyone who is reading this- I dare you to try the reality check (especially Danna and Shar)! No altering anything!!!


Ilene said...

My husband is a t-shirt junkie too. Things have gotten better since we are out of school and away from all UofO Duck shops. I think Dan has at least 20 Duck t-shirts.

I never knew your eyes were different colors. Really. How glamorous, like Jane Seymour.

I want to go to girls night. I miss you girls.

aric & jess said...

Yay!!!I'm so glad you did the tag. I love how you talk about your feet you totally crack me up. And the T-shirt thing....Aric is the same way! I have a rubbermaid full of old t-shirts he rufuses to part with. Get this, he wants me to make him a quilt out of them!!!!

AMY said...

i've been reading all these tagged posts and i'm glad that everyones closet looks like mine.

Amy said...

Fun post! Danny also has a million T-shirts, but only wears a few. I'm always teasing him about it. He's gotten good at throwing things out with our move as he saw how much junk we brought with us - including clothes he never wears! I forgot you had two different colors of eyes. You don't look freaky, though.

Danna said...

So, you've dared me to try the tag. Am I just supposed to take pictures of all the things you mentioned? Maybe I will do it a someday after I have cleaned my house. :) You do have nice feet. I wish I liked mine!

the landreths said...

So fun to see your house and read all that fun stuff about you! Makes me miss you :(. We need to plan another reunion!