Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend in Seattle

We went to Seattle over the weekend. We had a blast! Our kids were great during the entire trip. Or maybe it's because there were no distractions. They had our full attention and we had an amazing time. Here are some of the highlights:We went to the zoo first thing Thursday afternoon. After visiting the zoo, I can totally relate to animal rights' activists. The animals were incredible! An orangutan came right up to the glass and interacted with an elderly lady, who was apparently an ex-zoo worker and good friend to the orangutan. It was amazing!!! Dare I admit I got choked up watching it? I felt sooooo lucky to see the interaction between them.

For the boys, half the fun was staying in the hotel. They loved looking at the high rises and the busy street down below. They were often perched here in the windowsill.
We walked so much, yet Jack did not complain ONCE. I was so proud of him. While Owen and Lucy were pushed around town like kings and queens, he was practically jogging to keep up with us. He was such a trooper! No matter where we were downtown, Jack always managed to find a stick larger than him. He also managed to almost take a few strangers' eye balls out.
Friday was a full day. We visited Pike Place Market with its famous fish throwers, the aquarium, and we took a boat tour on the Puget Sound. Here we are at Pike Place Market with all the fish, and at the aquarium.
During the boat tour, the boys were in boat heaven. The sound was busy with barges, fire boats, container ships, cranes, sail boats, and cruise ships. The picture below says it all.
On Saturday we took the monorail (which in and of itself was a HUGE deal for the kids) to the Childrens Science Center/Museum. It was spectacular, yet we only had half a day. The kids got to see a LIVE demonstration of a boa constrictor, ride bumper cars, and other hands-on stuff that they thrive on because they're kids.We had such a magnificent time. I'm already begging Adam to take us on another weekend get away. If you're considering it- I highly recommend one


Jessica said...

We are, I'm not lying, currently working on our budget (Ryan's taking a break to call someone for exact costs of the reunion and so I'm reading your blog) and we just got done trying to figure out a dollar figure for Seattle. Your post made me much more excited about the big fee!

day in the life of a prince said...

What a fun vacation! Doesn't it just make the trip even more fun when the kids are good the whole time!!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

Can I suggest a weekend trip to Wallace Idaho? There is a great trip down into a mine - very dark and very cool! Lots of old hotels (one that claims to be haunted) to stay in... a mining museum... A live review/show for the whole family. We went once when John was about 5 or 6 and really enjoyed it.

Just avoid the brothel... not a family visit (not in operation either)

Blogful said...

What a great family picture there at the bottom. It's been a while since I saw all of you together! Thanks for all your pictures of your fun!

jessica said...

We are going to be going to Seattle sometime this summer. We absolutely love taking the girls there. They love swimming and sleeping at the hotel as much as all the attractions!

We are totally checking out the childrens museum this time.

Oh and love the pics!

Amy said...

Seattle looks so fun. I've always wanted to go there. On the mish, I only made it as far west as Yakima. I really want to go to Seattle sometime, and Portland too. It looks like you guys had a great trip. Amazing that your kids did so great. We're taking a drive to Cali on Friday for a Burnham vacation - my mom and siblings and families. We hope we can say the same for our kiddos.

Danna said...

How fun! It makes me want to go to Seattle. It really is a fun city. Sounds like you guys did it all. I love seeing all your pictures. Seeing Jack with the stick made me laugh. He and Tate really are two peas in a pod. (Tate told me the other day that he wants to move to Hawaii so it would always be warm, even during Christmas. But, he also wants Jack and Carson to move there so they can still be buds. I thought that was cute... and not a bad idea. :)