Sunday, June 29, 2008

Livin' on Love

Tomorrow, June 30th, Adam and I celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. For old times' sake, here's a photo taken shortly after we became officially engaged:Here's how we met: one of my room-mates (a close, dear, life-long friend) was dating his room-mate and close friend of his. It was early Septemeber 2000, the night before classes started fall semester at BYU Provo. The first time I laid eyes on this blue-eyed boy, was in my apartment that night. I had just walked in from ward prayer and ta-da! There was my future love, sitting on the ground playing cards with Danna & Brady, the afore mentioned "friends." Six months later in March 01 we became officially engaged. And three months later on June 30th, on a hot sunny day with the temperature reaching a scorching 113 degress- we wed in the Mesa, Arizona temple. And yes, I was cruel enough to have everyone wear black, except for me. Oh, and I let my nieces wear lilac. Despite the red, flushed faces, the pictures turned out well.I always tell Adam that I got the better end of the bargain. He is WAY nicer than me. I think I've corrupted him somewhat though. Here are some things I adore about my husband:

- He is a neat freak and perfectionist. If you come over on a birthday, he'll be decorating the cake. Why? Because he's a perfectionist. I am so proud of this cake he did for Owen's third birthday last December. It was "Cars" themed:
He sort of forgot to mention to me before we got married, that he's an amazing artist. I discovered some sketches of his and was literally shocked. He has serious talent. One of these days when we have more time and money, he's taking art classes.
- I could not ask for a better father for my children. The first thing he does when he walks in the door, is let the kids attack him. He has played countless games of hide'n-go-seek, I-spy, Uno, Candyland, Chutes'n Ladders, karachibamba, and "gopher's mystery box" (the last two are games entirely of his creation). Dare I admit he's the one who has taught Lucy the majority of her words? He tells the kids the best stories and has recurring characters.
- He rubs my feet whenever I want. I am spoiled rotten. The feet rubbing usually comes with minimal to zero complaining. Pretty great, I know. I do let him watch sports while he does it though. So it's a fair deal.
- He never complains. I'll admit, I am a complainer. But I really think I've improved since I married him. Adam's motto is all about, live life, life is good, things could be worse, you get the idea. I love this about him. I stress, he doesn't. Perfect.
- I LOVE his laugh. Adam's laugh is sort-of quiet and well, I really can't describe it. But it's the cutest, best laugh and I love it when I'm the one who causes it. But it's usually one of his buddies. I'm okay with that though. Just as long as I get to hear it.
- He gets up with the kids every morning. Always has, and always will . . . I think. I don't know that he's capable of sleeping in, lucky for me.
- He makes me laugh. Need I say more? Especially when I am really not in the mood to laugh, he manages to find a way. Don't you just hate that?

I am so blessed to be married to such an amazing, remarkable person. I really feel like he is too good to be true. I love sooo many things about him that I didn't mention, but we'll save them for another post. In closing, here is our engagement picture. Happy Anniverary Love.


Amy said...

A great post. Kind of like the post I did on Father's Day. Adam sounds like a really great guy. I wish we lived closer and we could all hang out and get to know him better. Aren't we lucky to have such fantastic husbands??

Ilene said...

Okay, it is like you sitting with a taller Jack in that engagement photo. But I would guess that is what exactly Adam is, huh?

Way to marry a morning person. Dan and I both lay in bed waiting for the other person to get up to fetch the baby from the crib... or we both try to ignore Jackson coming into the room pleading for us to wake up and give him breakfast.

We are awesome parents, by the way.

jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Adam is a gret guy but I don't think he got the "bad" end of the deal. You are pretty amazing too. You and Adam are like family to us and we are so glad to have your family in our lives...

Oh and Adam's hair is SWEEEEET!!!! And he and I should start a cake decorating business if the Shock thing gets old :)

Ashlee Simons said...

Happy Anniversary! I was going to call you and see how your weekend with your sisters went, but I just read the post! I thought you would like to know I posted a new blog too!:)

The Pyper Fam said...

What a cute couple you are! :) It was fun reading about how you met, etc... Adam is a great guy, but I think he got pretty lucky too! :)

the landreths said...

I loved reading that! I didn't know all that about Adam. what a guy! Happy Anniversary!

Gina said...

One of my favorite quotes is "The happiest of marriages are those in which each partner thinks he or she got the best of it." I heard it shortly after we got married and I think it's true. I'm not sure if my husband thinks he got the best end of the deal or if he is just putting up with me, but I know I truly got the best of it so at least I'm happy, right?

Danna said...

That is so sweet! Happy 7th anniversary! I'd say I know Adam pretty well, but I did not know about the cake decorating. That is impressive!