Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lucy's Vocab. Update

I had to do a quick update on Lucy's vocabulary. She's to the point where she will repeat anything you tell her to say. Although, "Jack" sounds more like "Gak." Here are some words she has mastered:

- "tickle, tickle" (she runs up to you and "tickles" you, I almost melt from sheer preciousness)
- "book" (she is obsessed with books and can often be found "reading" to herself, it's third child syndrome, poor Lu. She is constantly shoving books into our laps, faces, arms. It is very difficult to practice the piano. As soon as I sit anywhere, I am bombarded with books. I then feel like THEE worst mother if I don't stop whatever I'm doing and read to her.)
- "nuk" (pronouce it as you would the binky brand, nuk. This means MILK. She is a milk addict and we've had to start limiting her intake. We go through 5 gallons a week! Some friends have suggested we buy a cow . . . if only we lived on a farm.)
- "car" (At Target, she hyperventilates on the boy aisle with all the tonka trucks, as much as she does on the girly aisle with the baby dolls. She has two older brothers, it's a hopeless case.)


AMY said...

I can't wait until Jack goes through this stage. Some of my favorite Aidan words were: "Vroo Vroo" for car, "Idaba" for fire hydrant, "Sisla" for sprikler, and "dadum" for vacuum. Luckily Aidan learned to pronunciate a little better.

Ilene said...

"Daddy" means "Thank you" in Thomlish. Not to be confused with "Dada" which means "Daddy." The best is when he started calling me "Ilee-eee" last week in the most irritating screech. I'm getting him back to "Mommy" but right now it sounds like "Mi-leee!"