Monday, December 15, 2008

He asked THE question

Today my 3 year old asked, "How do persons make people?" Mind you, my eldest child has never asked that in his 6 years. So I was completely taken off guard in the kitchen when Owen asked me that. I turned around to see two pairs of blue eyes staring up at me, waiting for an answer.
Any advice?


Blogful said...

Three? Wow. He's smart. I read somewhere to keep it simple. Answer the question he asked and give no more information unless he asks for more. I think this age is a little young for too much information.
When I read your blog header, I was thinking he ask, "Is Santa real?" a much easier question.
So what did you say to him, "I'll get back to you?"

The Hansen Clan said...

I am a big chicken, so I vote you distract him with something shiny and see if he will forget about it for another year or two or ten :)