Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Storm

Well, so much for not getting as much snow as last year. No one thought it possible since last winter was soooo brutal. Nonetheless, I think we've topped last year with the amount of snow we received last week. The high has been ohhhh, 3 or 4 degrees not including wind chill. Oh, and it's supposed to snow all next week:All the snow shoveled off our driveway created perfect sledding hills. Jack was pretty bummed that school was canceled the last two days before the holidays. He was so looking forward to the Pajama Polar Express Party, and all the other festivities. Instead, he got to stay in the house for two days. Poor Jack. He was such a good sport. He LOVES playing in the snow. Adam was so good to take him outside sledding.
Owen is our little mole. He digs, digs, and digs- whether it's dirt, snow, rock, dried peas (@ Green Bluff), sand- he is content to digs for hours! I am so excited for him to visit the Oregon Coast this summer. He is going to be in digger's paradise with that endless amount of sand!
Here are the boys on top of one of a few hills in our front yard. I'm so glad they like the snow.
Merry Christmas!


the landreths said...

Megs, i can't say it enough--your boys are SO cute. I'm sure i'll say it again in your next post :).

Brittanny said...

If we get snow like we did last year here...I am going to cry. It is too much to shovel. But, your kids do look mighty cute in snow outfits! I also love the montage of Jack's pics of his tooth, his bday and the gingerbread making party. You are one busy woman! Looks like you had a great happy new year!

Amy said...

I've heard you've gotten record snow up there. Oh, how glad I am I don't live in the snow!! It looks awful, but fun for the kids, I'm sure. Long live the lovely AZ winters!!!