Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jack's 6th Birthday Party (Family Celebration)

Jack turned six on November 25, two days before Thanksgiving. It's a busy time to have a birthday. However, extended family always seems to be in town which makes it extra special.
Three of Adam's siblings were in town, visiting from Texas and Utah. We had pizza (one of Jack's favorite meals), funfetti cupcakes (one of my favorite treats), and way too many gifts. Here is the beautiful birthday boy. I can't believe he's six!
Jack received plenty of help from Owen when it was time for presents:
"Don't forget to open the card first!" Jack heard us say about a dozen times.
Here are the 'crazies' with their cousins, Zack & Hailey, and their much beloved Aunt Coco.
We love you Jack. We hope you realize how much you are loved and cherished. You bring us happiness that we never knew before you were born. You are a special spirit and we feel blessed to have you in our home.


AMY said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! I can't believe you watched my kids that night... super woman. It's nice he had family there.

... and what a super mom. I don't know if I could do the whole sugar cookie thing. Sometimes I just think I need to relax.

Lucy IS a fasionista. Those glasses are great.

jessica said...

We love Jack! I'm glad he had so much family to celebrate with him.